Istilah & Kondisi

* The definition of a deposit is all froms of goods shipped via EXPRESS REWARD.

* The definition is PAHALA EXPRESS CARRIER.


1. Safekeeping will be the responsibility of CARRIER, when the sender has paid all the shipping cost and have PROOF of CARRIER ORIGINAL RECEIPT above           courier sent.

2. Prohibited form entering into a surrogate goods as follows:

  1. Cash rupiah, or othe foreign currencies, securities (check, giro, stocks, etc.). Watches / jewelry and similar others.
  2. Letters, aerogramme, postcards.
  3. Goods that explosive, poisonous or other items that could damage.
  4. Narcotics, marijuana, morphin, or other similar drugs.
  5. Goods print, recordings and other disturbing content offend decency security.

3. The contents of a deposit that is not in accordance with the information given will be an offense that can be prosecuted through the applicable law and the           surrogate has the right to hold suspected CARRIER examination (test quotes) in accordance with the applicable regulations in Indonesia CQ DEPHUB.

4. CARRIER will not be responsible for the following matters :\

  1. All the technical risk that occur during the transport, wich causes the goods delivered are not functioning well or changed functions involving machines or the like and electronic items such as : TV, computer, handphone, disk, AC, fridge, video, washing machine, etc. another similar.
  2. Delay to destination cities coused by force (Force Majeure).
  3. All detention and confiscation and destruction of a kind of surrogate by other government agencies (customs, quarantine, attorney, etc.). As a result of state law and relevant type of surrogate.
  4. Demands of any kind is not a courier receipt after 2 (Two) from the date of shipment.
  5. Damage or loss resulting from riots, natural disasters, war, piracy (Force Majeure).
  6. Leaks, demage, rot or die kind of surrogate for the form: liquid goods, glassware, food / fruits, live animals and plants.

5. Means of transport for a particular purpose and some of the city or in urgent situations, then CARRIER, without prior notification has the right to use ocean           transportation, river, road, to cary out all courier deliveries to each destination.

6. If there is no complaint (claim) of the receiver when the courier delivered, the courier shall be deemend received properly.

7. If there event of loss / deficiency above the maximum reimbursement entrusted only 10 (Ten) times the cost of shipping loss / less with a maximum of Rp        750.000,- (for domestic products) and Rp 1.000.000,- (for products intenational). For a deposit insured, indemnity completed in accordance with police                regulations courier insurance contract. Insurance premiums are paid by the sender.

8. All claim can only be resolved in the company post office.

    Submission of claim should enclosing:

  1. Minutes of the loss / damage wich was signed receiver and geared CARRIER officer.
  2. Supporting document include: Invoice receipt and relevant surrogate, original receipt of the above surrogate CARRIER concerned.

9. Items that have been received can not claimed if it is more than 1 x 24 hours.